Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets Teva


Teva’s Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets are another popular option for buying Zopiclone online in the UK. This medication commonly treats insomnia—Purchase Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets – Teva. Deliver your medicine throughout the UK.

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What Is Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets – Teva?

Teva Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets are a medication used to treat short-term insomnia, a common sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Zopiclone is a sedative-hypnotic medication that works by acting on the brain’s GABA receptors, which slows down the activity in the central nervous system and induces a feeling of relaxation and drowsiness. Teva Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets are small white tablets with “Z 3.75” imprinted on one side and “TEVA” on the other. They are taken orally, usually before bedtime, and should not be taken for more than two to four weeks.

Precautions For Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets – Teva

As with any medication, there are some precautions and considerations to remember when taking Teva Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets. It is important to inform your doctor if you have a history of liver or kidney disease, breathing problems, depression, or other mental health issues. Zopiclone can interact with other medications, so it is important to tell your doctor about any other medications, supplements, or herbal products you are taking.

Side Effects Of Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets – Teva

One potential side effect of Teva Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets is drowsiness, which can impair your ability to drive or operate machinery. Avoiding these activities until you know how the medication affects you is important. Other potential side effects include headaches, dry mouth, and a bitter or metallic taste. Teva Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets should not be taken with alcohol, as it can increase the medication’s sedative effects and lead to dangerous drowsiness or difficulty breathing. It is also important to avoid taking more than the dose or using the medication longer than recommended, as this can lead to dependence or withdrawal symptoms.

Where Can You Buy Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets – Teva From?

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In conclusion, Teva Zopiclone 3.75mg Tablets can effectively treat short-term insomnia. Still, following the dosage instructions and precautions is important to ensure safe and effective use.


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