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The largely growing problem nowadays is Hair Loss. The thing which adds on to your personality is hair, which one may consider, the appealing aspect of them. This loss can spring from one’s heredity and genetically inherited nuances. Other reasons can vary from medications, deficiency, radical treatments, stress, and ageing.

When Do You Know You Are Facing Hair Loss?

It can be a gradual process, which you’re not able to identify at once, but it can take away all the appealing looks you’ve. There can be multiple symptoms supposedly for this problem. It can result in affecting your scalp in different manners.

The symptoms of having hair loss are below:

  • Bald Patches In Your Scalp:

It’s a gradual process of having bald patches in the scalp due to itching, disease, and a little wound.

  • Hair Getting Thin From The Top Of The Head:

Usually men have to face this dilemma of having thin hair, which results in hair loss with age.

  • Hand Full Of Hair:

Females often face this issue of having a handful of hair while combing or treating them with some chemical and bleach. It can also result from the constant ironing of hair, with hot air.

 9 Reasons That Can Cause Hair Loss:

    There can be disparity in the reasons, depending upon one’s condition, lifestyle, health, genes, and hormonal changes. The significant 9 reasons can help you figure out the problem:

  1. Genes:

The factor of heredity is the primary reason for having massive hair loss. The genetic variation in human beings can lead to either massive or no hair loss. It depends on you, if your ancestral lineage has thin or no hair. Therefore, genetic predisposition can be a cause for hair loss at a young age.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance:

Hormonal change is felt by females during their postpartum or in their pregnancy. The nurturing of the body can cause various changes in the body, primarily resulting in hair loss. This imbalance can affect the growth of hair, it might occur that the hair never grows or grows fully. 

  1. Anxiety Disorder:

Stress and anxiety directly affects your hair. The emotional and mental stress can lead to pressure on your mind and body, resulting in bald patches. Anxiety is a by-product of reasoning and contemplating, which lays stress on the mind and muscles of the body, which causes the breakdown of hair. when people use anti anxiety relief pills its good at times but regularly anxiety pills habits can affect your hair growth.

  1. Ageing:

Growing by the time, weakens your physical body as well as your hair. The deficiency in the body increases leading to lethargy and hair loss. The body loses its nutritions and the ability to regrow. 

  1. Styling Hair:

Hair fall can occur due to overusing hair products, and intense heat dryers and straighteners that might weaken the roots and break your hair. Also, tying your hair tightly causes hair loss. This dilemma is faced by the media masses who tend to look good in the camera, but the disparity of products being applied can deteriorate the hair growth. 

  1. Chemically Treated Hair:

Applying chemicals and bleach on hair frequently can damage the roots and cause the hair to fall apart. The bleach contains harsh chemicals and fluids which changes the natural colour of the hair, and makes the hair weak and less in volume,

  1. Deficiency Of Nutrition:

Eating fast food and junk can reduce your intake of vitamins and minerals that increases the probability of hair loss. The nutritional diet is necessary for having strong hair, especially the intake of Iron and Vitamin E, it strengthens the hair roots.

  1. Medications:

The people have to undergo treatment like chemotherapy and radiation, and naturally lose their hair. Moreover, antidepressant supplements, birth control pills and blood thinners can also reduce the volume of hair. It merges with the blood and reduces the amount of oxygen circulating in the head, which weakens the scalp roots to reproduce. 

  1. Medical Infections:

People who are infectious to diseases like thyroid, scalp itching, and lupus have the fear of losing hair, due to high doses of medicines. This also causes hurdles in reproduction. 

Prevent Your Hair Loss:

Hair loss can make you look ill, unpresentable and less appealing. Therefore, to prevent this loss, you might be looking for some easy applicable way to revamp your hair growth and look young and flourishing, adopt the following:

  • Eat Healthy:

Maintaining a healthier lifestyle by eating fruits and vegetables will provide you with the nutrition necessary for hair growth, like iron, vitamins, and protein which will result in healthier hair growth and strong roots.

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  • Reduce Stress:

You can reduce your stress by exercising, practicing self-care, eating healthy food, and indulging yourself into productive activities. The less you will be stressful and anxious,  the less will be the chances of having hair fall.

  • Avoid Chemical Treatments:

Instead of applying multiple layers of bleach and chemicals on your hair, it is better to use home remedies for a healthy hair growth, by applying oils and serums.

  • Hair Care:

Gently comb your hair and avoid tightening it for a hairstyle. You can also use mild shampoo with conditioner to soften your hair and which gives it a shine and prevents hair loss. Yet, you also need to avoid combing wet hair, it results in massive hair breaking.


Thus, Hair Loss can become a reason for you to be anxious and stressful. But if you know the right way to identify the problems by excavating the reasons, you can surely prevent and cure hair loss. These are some of the reasons and ways to make your hair grow healthier and stronger.

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