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Intelligence quotient is your mental ability and potential, identified by a standardized test. It indicates the score that categories humans in different IQ levels. It also defines your smartness and intellect on the basis of a test in comparison with others of your age group to determine a specific percentage of ages following a certain IQ level.  

Why Do You Need To Increase Your IQ Level?

Every human being has different potential, therefore one can improve his/her IQ level to have a better understanding of everything. Few of the reasons are mentioned below, that why you need to increase your IQ:

  • To increase capacity of learning and understanding.
  • It also helps in studies and academics. 
  • To enhance your memory.
  • To produce creative arguments and work.
  • To improve the ability to handle a difficult situation. 
  • To become an active respondent.

12 Habits That You Need To Imply To Boost Your IQ Level:

Every individual has a different IQ , depending on their family backgrounds, their nature being introverted or extroverted, and their cognitive reasoning. Therefore , not everyone has the same potential to be productive and intellectual, but you don’t need to worry , you boost your IQ by following the habits mentioned below: 

  1. Develop A Habit Of Reading:

     Reading frequently lets you absorb multiple ideas and knowledge. You get to explore the fictional and nonfictional world, depending on the genre you choose. But whatever you read, can help you increase your IQ level. Yet, newspapers and magazines will lend immense knowledge to your power house, brain. 

  1. Self Reflection:

   You can self reflect and contradict your ideas. The more you will think and question everything, it will provide you a space for self reflection and welcoming of multiple ideas, beyond the boundaries of your knowledge. Give yourself some time and think about the objects you’ve never thought about. 

  • Activities That Will Enhance Your Memories:

   You can search for mindful activities that will aid in enhancing  your memory. Indulging into different games will let you think, act and perform. In which you will have to be attentive, organised, managed and make decisions wisely, You can play multiple puzzles and card games as:

  • Crossword puzzles.
  • Jigsaw 
  • Sudoku 
  • Uno
  • Chess 
  • Learn Different Languages:

 Learning a different language is difficult but the process of learning a new language will help in increasing your knowledge and let your brain run for a longer time, in a productive manner. It will improve your ability to think, learn and speak effectively. Moreover, it also sharpens the mind of the learner. 

  • Write What You Think:

Writing your thoughts can be one productive way. It will let your mind produce creative work. It will also improve your writing skills as well as your speaking skills. This activity on a daily basis will boost your brain and give a new experience of learning. 

  • Participate In Debates:

Participating in debates will elevate your confidence. You will be able to express your thoughts and ideas in a decisive manner. It will also provide you with strategies to counter the other person with valid and logical arguments. 

  • Have A Intellectual Gathering:

  The people you live with also matters, some people often face the issue of being shunned by others. They do not let you speak and participate and would rather overpower you, which will result in a lower IQ level. Therefore, you must gather people who will elevate your confidence and will let you put forward your stance. 

  • Brainstorming:

You can think and contemplate multiple ideas, you can brainstorm on multiple topics, it will give you a pathway to produce effective speech and increase your IQ.

  • You Can Ask Question:

 Ask questions if you’re unable to identify anything. Questioning others helps you increase your knowledge and intellect. You can increase your IQ by adding knowledge of others.

  • Eat Healthy:

You can eat healthy fruits, dry fruits, and vegetables. It will increase your metabolism and will regulate your blood flow to the brain, which will help you think intellectually. You can use health supplement medicine that is helpful to  maintain  your IQ level or over all body. Moreover, almonds are widely known for sharpening the mind and body. 

  • Draw A Picture:

 Drawing is a visual representation of your mind’s creativity, it defines productivity of the brain. It functions your brain fully, and enables your creativity to be projected.

  • Keep Exercising:

When you workout and exert, it will refresh your body and mind, which will create space for productivity. A tired mind cannot boost your IQ.  Therefore, exercise regularly to keep your mind fresh from anxiety, stress and other mind distribution issues and   ready for absorbing new ideas. 


Thus, boosting your IQ level is necessary for a better career and educational progress.  You can construct your habits such as exercising, reading, questioning, learning, eating healthy and the above mentioned habits to elevate your IQ and absorb knowledge from multiple subjects. It will make you feel confident in a public gathering and you will no longer be feeling hesitant in answering someone’s questions. 

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